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9th May 2014

If anyone new to the clan is here and wants to join the clan here is something cool you should know about. We have a challenge reward system where if you do challenges the clan leader gives you get points toward your rank. These challenges to my knowledge right now are only for Call of duty and specifically Zombies and Extinction. So if Glaceon wants to add another game or multiplier to the challenge lists we will post that knowledge. I think this will be only a zombies and extinction clan, but you never know. So far Glaceon has not posted any challenges, but if you talk to him he at least can tell you what challenges you can do for at least zombies. I am not sure he has extinction out yet though.

Other facts 
Note to get to the highest level you have to change your name to UD (name). 
You can create one challenge per person (so far).
You have to do the challenge by either sending a video or be watched by a high ranking officer (someone who leveled up high and has UD in their name). 

Send us an email or a message if you have questions or post in the forums.
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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